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K-3 Home Library Flier
Kristi Waltke

Rising 1st -3rd Graders

Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade Families: We are partnering with Governor’s Early Literacy Foundation to provide books to our students this summer. Each of our current kindergarten, first and second grade students will receive 6 high quality books at no cost to you. We will securely share addresses with the Governor’s Early Literacy Foundation so that these books will be mailed over the summer. If you would like to participate, no action is needed. If you do not want to receive the books, please call Karla Terry at the central office at (865) 397-3194 before Wednesday, February 8.

Once again, families do not need to do anything to receive the books. Developing a love of reading and learning will stay with our children throughout their lives. Let’s give our children positive experiences with books.

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